Our operation is mainly based in Turkey. If you need to reach trade groups in Turkey, we are here to assist you. We make research on potential buyers, suppliers, service providers and connect them with you.

We have wide range of manufacturers with various product groups from raw material to finished products in our industry portfolio. If you are in a different field than what we currently offer, feel free to let us know your requirements, we can still check with our sources for you.


We can promote your products in our regions. We can contact you on behalf of a customer’s buying request or reach potential buyers to sell your products.


We can represent your company and deal with your trade groups in domestic and international market.


If you need to find a product in Turkey or another country in our expertized fields, we search for suppliers for related products. We can also continue to follow up your trade with those suppliers to ensure everything continues smoothly.


We can provide informations in our expertized fields or find professionals that can assist you.

If you have intention to make investment or looking for a partner or interested in hot deals, we can inform you about opportunities.